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Posted by on Jul 28, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Tim Berners-Lee and his tribute at the opening of the Olympic Games

Tim Berners-Lee and his tribute at the opening of the Olympic Games

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From the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London are going to talk for a while, thanks to the impressive display directed by Danny Boyle and strolled through the major milestones of Britain, including one closely linked to today’s technological world. invented the World Wide Web, also had his moment in the gala tribute.

The issue goes beyond a simple tribute. First, by the coverage of the ceremony: probably a lot I had no idea that the idea (pun intended) of a network like the www came from an Englishman, and fewer would know his name. Second, these have been listed as the first “socialympics” where transparency will play an important role in the weeks that follow the event. No wonder the IOC implemented a guide to using social networks for all related to the Olympics.

Returning to Berners-Lee, it believes that the magnitude of the Olympic Games will be bigger than ever, thanks to the effect of the Internet and networks in large-scale sporting event:

“The values and achievements of the Olympics will be amplified through the World Wide Web. It will be like millions of digital torch carrying the spirit of the Games to every corner of the planet. It is an honor to have participated in the opening ceremony of an event so inspiring and international will be remembered as the most wired Olympics in history “

Tim Berners-Lee left a message on Twitter after the ceremony, dedicated to the W3C and the Foundantion, bodies from which he is president and founder member, respectively, “This is for everyone.” One thing is certain, is that Berners-Lee yesterday was probably his greatest recognition in the number of people who applauded at the same time, including those who were watching the ceremony at home for the first time and knew who was the man behind so common today, such as the Internet.

Link: Olympic opening ceremony Sees Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweet ‘This is for everyone’ (ZDNet)

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