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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Companies, Gadgets |

Tim Cook said that Apple TV is “an area of ​​intense interest to us”

CEO Tim Cook, D10 participated in the conference organized by All Things D, which said that they will come “some incredible things” of the company soon, but gave no details, saying that “redouble the secrecy about the products.”

Cook did not elaborate more on why they would take this decision, however, said that secrecy does not extend to anything that makes Apple, and that the company expects to be much more transparent about working with suppliers in China, something Cook has emphasized recently.

On WWDC to be held in two weeks, Cook said “we will launch some cool stuff. I think you will love it. “ He also gave some hints about a possible Apple TV. Although refused to answer the direct question about whether they were making such a device, Cook said that “most people say that this is an area in your life that are not satisfied. And we will continue watching.” He added that – the device that currently exists – is “an area of intense interest to us.”

Apple’s CEO also referred to his work now that is gone. “Steve told me when we talk about being CEO,” I saw what happened to Disney, about people were there and said ‘what Walt would have done?’ And looked at me with those intense eyes and told me never to do that. They just do the right thing. And that’s what I’m doing. Does that mean there are things different? Of course, “he said.

Cook said, however, not allowed to change the culture that is Apple. “When I say things will not change, I mean the culture of Apple. You can not replicate it. You can not take a consultant’s report and replicate. It’s in our DNA, “he said.

“My role was never replace Steve. He was an original. I do not think another one of those. I have never felt the pressure of trying to be Steve. It’s not who I am and not my goal in life. I am who I am, and I am focused on that, and being a great CEO of Apple, “he said.

On the patent war, Cook said they are “a pain in the ass,” but maintained that the speech litigation is necessary. “It’s important that Apple is the developer for the world. We can not put all our energy, our whole town and finish the painting for another then you put the name, “he said. “We want people to develop their own thing and not being robbed.”

Link: liveblog: Apple CEO Tim Cook in the Hot Seat at D (All Things D)

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