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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Internet |

Tips for a password supersegura

Tips for a password supersegura

Last week hundreds were exposed user both LinkedIn , as eHarmony and , after computer attacks against these services. Although this “problem” is easy to fix and is to change the password to something, it was also revealed that many users are still using combinations easy to violate as well use it for more of your accounts.

Given this situation and who knows if in the future does not happen again with another service, we collect a few basic tips to improve the strength of your password and the best you avoid identity theft.

Ways you can steal the password

It is good to consider what we face when choosing a password. The most common ways of infringing your passwords are as follows:

  • Let’s ask someone: It sounds silly but it is common for people to share your password with coworkers, friends or relatives.
  • Someone else to guess: If your password is very obvious, it may be easy for the neighbor who wants to hang your WiFi password is guessed that the department number or last name, or something.
  • Brute force attacks: A fairly common attack where a hacker tries to take aim by force the password by trying all possible combinations of letters (AAAA, AAAB, AAAC …) until you reach yours. The only way to become resistant to this is long and complex passwords, which makes the process takes longer than what the hacker is willing to wait.
  • Attack of common words: Instead of using combinations of letters, you use combinations of words that exist, such as tree, house, sun, etc..
  • Dictionary attack: Instead of just using common words used throughout the dictionary. This varies depending on the language you are using.

Building a strong password

  • Use a minimum of 8 characters
  • Do not repeat the letters and if you do try that one is uppercase
  • If you can, use all kinds of special characters and punctuation
  • Do not use personal information in the preparation of these (your pet’s name or birth date)


Reading these tips sure you think that memory to remember a password so complex, with this we suggest you use the first letter of the name of a song or phrase that you like.

A eart h i s l t hat c an n ot ost m end = Ahtilcnm

To that you could easily add any number of that is meaningful to you, plus the addition of a special character as a dot or comma. This password would look like:


You can also paste multiple words into a password that is a sentence, as recommended in xkcd . The more characters you have, the harder it is to guess. You can replace some of the letters of the phrase by numbers to complicate more (1 for i, 0 by o, etc). So a password like “m1perroba1lacumb1a” could be deciphered by about 1 billion years.

Tips for a password supersegura image 2

Checking security

Then, to test the password you just created, you can access the sites of Microsoft Password Strength Checker or How Secure is my password? . Are safe, as they do not keep any data, as only calculated the strength of the concept just introduced and there is no need to link this to an account user or service.

Also, more and more services and applications that indicate the strength of our password when we are introducing, such as Facebook or email services.

On the other hand, if you feel you can not create a strong password many sites that help you with this task, among the best – in my opinion – is Key Safe that unlike other services, you can choose the amount of characters, if you have only numbers, letters, both easy to remember or contains all possible combinations.

To take into account:

  • Use a different password for each service or account in which you subscribe
  • Do not use FB in the characters for your password on Facebook or Google for your password in Gmail
  • Change your password periodically (every 3 months is a good amount of time)
  • If you have bad memory and want to have the same password on multiple services, at least change the numbers or any part of it.

And please do not go to continue using the password “12345678″, “password”, “qwerty” or “dragon” as long as these cyber attacks occur, we realize that people continue to commit the mistake of using these combinations as obvious .

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