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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Entertainment |

Titanic: MythBusters figured it out on the table, Jack and Rose

Titanic: MythBusters figured it out on the table, Jack and Rose

This Sunday is the eleventh season premiered on the Discovery Channel where Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman resolved one of the most sought myths of the history of the program: In the movie (1997) by James Cameron, died in vain or could Rose survive shared wooden board floated around ?

To solve this, first investigated about possible of the characters played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio. According to the film, the rescue team began searching for survivors 20 minutes after the ship sinking, with a search that lasted 45 minutes. As was one of the last people to be rescued, the MythBusters team determined that was found after 63 minutes.

For the test of hypothermia, Jamie Hyneman Thermoman built a snowman with beef gelatin and cardiovascular system of copper pipes with hot at 37° C (the average temperature of the human body). The doll was immersed in water at -1° C and measured the time when your body temperature down to suffer from severe hypothermia, which usually occurs at 28° C .

So, after 51 minutes Jack die drowned after suffering severe hypothermia would leave his body inert and unable to stay afloat. Subsequently, you would check Thermoman Rose would have a body temperature of 28° to be rescued after spending 63 minutes floating in the board, determining who is likely to survive.

Finally, and most importantly: Could have saved both if both climbed to the board? Using scale dolls, Adam Savage showed that if both characters were up on the board at the same time, it would begin to sink immediately.

But as usual with the MythBusters team, this could not be just up there, so “Jack Savage” and “Rose Hyneman” (costumed animators) found personally if there was a way for both characters manage to survive.

Rose dressed Assuming a life jacket at that time , the team determined that if that vest tied to the bottom of the board, it could float enough to avoid sinking and maintain 80% of the bodies out of water for 63 minutes. So, it is feasible that both characters could have survived if one of them had called MacGyver .

Link: ‘MythBusters’ settles ‘Titanic’ debate! Could Jack and Rose Both have survived? The answer … (Entertainment Weekly)

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