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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Gadgets |

TIVA One Style 5 at first sight

TIVA One Style 5 at first sight

Although each time the PC market is smaller and smaller, with fewer sales for notebooks, but especially for tablets, launches new TIVA One Style 5 , the new generation of all in one PC brand.

If you were attentive to all Samsung launches during the event in London , you may have noticed a line of design are visible, especially for thinness and some details in the corners curved. This is definitely a PC then we can see that apart from the screen, behind, not going to see much more. The thinness of this PC is possible by the engineering behind the world of laptops, almost TIVA One might consider this a sort of fixed laptop.

TIVA One Style 5 at first sight image 2

With a large touch screen adjustable from 21.5 inches which has a Full HD resolution, which when compared to the other devices that Samsung has presented is of lower resolution. From what little I know is that it is in the group of those who skip using Intel Haswell, carrying AMD A6 processor with integrated graphics.

TIVA One Style 5 at first sight image 3

Integrates multiple connections, such as USB and HDMI connection double that for now it is unknown if it is to connect more displays or to connect any video input, because what if confirmed is that integrated Digital TV tuner.

It is not clear whether this new PC is simply to complete a range of products but with poor sales of this type of PC and the lack of price information, it is difficult to understand where to fit this “all in one”.

TIVA One Style 5 at first sight image 4

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