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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Venture |

To force us to read, create books with ink dissolves over time

To force us to read, create books with ink dissolves over time

The library and publishing Eternal Cadence, along with the advertising agency Draft FCB, have been concerned with a problem caused by a practice that many people do: buy and never read them, leaving them in a corner gathering dust. Because they have devised a project called “E libr esper why not p r ede” (The can not wait), consisting of books that make printed fades once it contacts air, lasting about two months legible and then disappear.

The specimens are vacuum sealed and once opened, begins to run the countdown. The idea is to force the person to read the text, an imposition that many people would like and that they must “culturizarse”. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to promote small and emerging authors, since according arises, they fail to succeed because people buy their first books and never read them, so do not buy their second or third works.

The first issue to test this experiment is the American story collection “The future is ours,” by Diego Trelles Paz, and as indicated by the project managers, the public has been quite interested in the format , so they will debuting new titles based on this ink system is degraded.

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