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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Gadgets |

To prepare: Manufacturers are preparing ultrabooks 140 for sale

To prepare: Manufacturers are preparing ultrabooks 140 for sale

Some work (and money) has cost position with the market, first with money problems in its first generation of devices, and now a second generation has taken steps in this regard and have not demonstrates its success.

This is not an impediment to continue to insist on the format, and this is that the company, the voice of its CEO Paul Otellini said that various manufacturers and system builders are preparing no less than 140 new devices for future release, 40 which will have touch screens to his credit. In addition, about 20 will have inside the new generation of Intel Atom chips Clover Trail, reliving this brand for low-power chips.

The date on which this great litter is becoming uncertain, however, the launch of on October 26 marks the green light to show teams that depend on this platform to run. On the other hand, we are sure that these 140 new computers have all sorts of formats, for the Intel platform not only serves to build ultra-thin notebooks traditional, but also and even tablets.

Link: Intel CEO Confirms 140 Ivy ultrabooks in design stage (Fudzilla)

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