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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Gadgets |

Tokyoflash launches clock that detects if you’re drunk

Tokyoflash launches clock that detects if you're drunk

Kisai launched Intoxicated, a is not additional difficult to read , but to analyze how much you drink on a night out thanks to its integrated alcohol analyzer.

This is the real world the arrival of a concept presented by the company two years ago , and that now you can buy, if you must keep track of what you drink. The analyzer operates blowing aside clock. Can not tell you how many grams of is in your blood, but it sets the standard with three colors. If after blowing the clock is green, it means you’re sober. If you drink something yellow, and red is that you’re rather drunk.

Anyway, Tokyoflash on its website states that “this watch is designed exclusively for entertainment and leisure purposes. We do not claim that the result of the breath analyzer, to be completely accurate or some scientific validity. “

It also includes a game to test your sobriety doing fit a line with the center of the clock. As introductory price is $ 99.

Link: Breathanalyzer watch design with Time, Date, Alarm & Sobriety Game. Intoxicated (Tokyoflash)

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