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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware News |

Tokyoflash presents his watch “Kisai Intoxicated” with built-alcohol meter

Many people are becoming aware of the dangers of driving even after a family dinner having drunk a couple of glasses of wine.

As metabolism varies among individuals, some people may have a very low level of alcohol in the blood after drinking two glasses of wine, while others with only one could be at a level that exceeds the maximum allowed.

Those who have become aware (either by conviction and respect for life, or for fear of punishment from the law) could have a breathalyzer on hand at all times.

has found a solution for responsible drinkers, placing a breathalyzer in your new Intoxicated.

Blow into the sensor and the LCD screen will change to a color that reflects your alcohol consumption: green means you’re sober, yellow and red mean that because you have exceeded over the line. The watch also comes with a mini-game to test your reflexes at the time needed.

Consumers looking for some moderation in their lives can purchase. Tokyoflash just released his Kisai watch at a bargain price of $ 99 for the first 48 hours of release, due this Thursday night.

Here the video with the demonstration.

You can buy this watch at Tokyoflash website .

Link: Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated intros watch with a built-in breathalyzer (


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