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Top 10 gadgets of James Bond

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond

turns 50 years of adventures as the most famous and daring spy in the UK. In half a century, my name is Bond, James Bond, has continued to surprise with its incredible cars, because it rained the girls, and what brings us together here: gadgets.

Like any secret agent, Bond has a laboratory in charge of Q that is dedicated to designing tools for him to use in their missions. These devices have helped to save his life more than once – or at least to impress the girls. Here is an account of the most remarkable appeared in movies.

X-ray glasses

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 2

Pierce Brosnan wore this model of glasses in “The World Is Not Enough” (1999), that allowed the spy to get X-ray vision and see things hidden, such as the weapons carried by his enemies.


Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 3

Contrary to the toothpaste, the dentonita holes can cause not only teeth, but also on the walls, the floor, people, etc.. In “Licensed to Kill” (1989), this pasta came with a detonator shaped cigarette box.

Watch TV

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 4

We have no idea why there is not yet, although it is not clear how practical it would be to watch TV. In “Octopussy” (1983), Bond wears a Seiko model that not only tells time.

Clock magnetic field

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 5

This watch appeared in “Live and Let Die” (1973), and it is a Rolex can become a powerful magnet that could even deflect the path of a bullet (which outside of metal and lead) long distance . Could also attract other metal things, matter demonstrated with a spoon.

Jetpack rocket

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 6

odaviĀ­a jetpacks are waiting in the real world. James Bond wore one in 1965 in the film “Thunderball” with Sean Connery, to escape from the bad.

Auto submarine

In 1977 in “The Spy Who Loved Me”, James Bond escapes making the Lotus Esprit submarine becomes, leading underwater.

Aston Martin disappears

In the video above, skip to minute 3:10. In “Die Another Day” (2002), James Bond gets a car that becomes invisible. Not transparent, but invisible to the eye, totally. We want one.

Mobile phone with remote control electric shock

This model Ericsson appeared in “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997) and included a number of aggregates, such as electric shock gun could discharge 20,000 volts to an unauthorized user. Bond also used to fry the locking mechanism of a door. It also included a fingerprint reader, an antenna that could be used to pick locks, and a remote control for your BMW 750iL.

The BMW 750iL

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 7

The phone above will not suffice unless this car, besides being controlled by remote control via mobile phone, came with an arsenal of weapons, bulletproof, fire missiles from the roof, grenades, and more.

The briefcase

Top 10 gadgets of James Bond image 8

The case is a recurring accessory for James Bond, but particularly in “From Russia with Love” (1963), contained an AR-7 sniper rifle that folded in parts, 40 boxes of ammunition, knife throwing, a gas bottle tear and more.

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