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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Toshiba 30% cut in its production of NAND flash memory

Toshiba 30% cut in its production of NAND flash memory

This year 2012, the environment around the market for flash memory has not been any good , with some companies using weird moves to improve things , but anyway the overall picture is positive, a result of excess offer there products and insufficient demand for it sells out.

So, now we see that Toshiba, who manufactures these chips that give life to removable USB drives, memory cards and various other devices, will reduce production by 30%, although analysts do not expect this to happen, because are bringing to market new devices such as mobile phones and tablets should increase demand for memory and thereby increase their prices to favor the struggling manufacturers.

But it seems that even that is enough to give new life to market and make this business profitable for Toshiba, so have decided to reduce production straight, since according to a look at what the company produces is recorded that most number of reports that they are intended for use in external memory cards, which have nothing to do with the integrated they debut new mobile devices that are increasingly more inclined to the factory preset the amount of GB available, Instead of having a slot for microSD.

Link: Toshiba to cut production by 30 percent Clot flash (Fudzilla)

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