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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Toshiba launches SoC processor with 64 cores

Toshiba launches SoC processor with 64 cores

A single central processor chip with 64 physical cores is the newest offering from Toshiba, who surprised us with this (SoC) where we find this lush CPU by the DDR3 memory controller in a 15mm x 14mm package size total.

To achieve the 64 cores, there were two clusters or groups of nuclei of 32 units, with 4MB of L2 cache correspondingly divided into two parts, all manufactured under a manufacturing process to 40nm, allowing the product to exceed the generation capacity Prior to Toshiba, which had 8 cores total and was made to 60nm, being 14 times faster consuming 50% less energy.

What is? For integrated systems such as smart cars and machinery and industrial products, but also can reach the market for consumer electronics devices, depends on if someone dares to implement it. This is not a bad idea considering that believes that the best use you can give your product is processing high-definition multimedia content such as videos in 4k resolution. Perhaps this may have with SoC? I hope so.

Link: Toshiba Develops 64-core System-on-Chip (Hexus)

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