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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Hardware News |

Toshiba to reduce by 25% the price of NAND flash memories

Toshiba to reduce by 25% the price of NAND flash memories

Yesterday, we reported that OCZ, assembler solid state drives (SSD), had enough trouble dispatching their products, because of the lack of NAND flash memories that are suffering, which could be a sign of an improvement in an industry that at times, there was excess supply and low demand.

Turns out now, us a clearer picture. What happens is that after the last major earthquake in Japan, which caused nuclear power plants closed, it became more difficult for some companies to get energy to move their production lines, which added to the already high costs of making a SSD, prompted the company to reduce by 30% the volume they were carrying .

The idea was that the other companies in the industry do the same, however, increased the amount of Micron nand flash Toshiba dispatched to cover, who in response decided now raise its production by 30%, while reduced the price up to 25%.

This could solucionarle the problem to OCZ , who uses Toshiba memory to create Vertex and Agility lines, among others, also benefit from the low cost is coming shortly.

Link: Toshiba NAND Cuts Prices by 25% – SSD Prices Will Follow (Softpedia)

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