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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Software |

Toyota joins Linux Foundation, Nissan and others to develop a platform for cars

Toyota joins Linux Foundation, Nissan and others to develop a platform for cars

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The Foundation announced today the creation of the “Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup” (or AGL), which aims to create a reference platform that companies can use to create devices that are compatible with the cars.

Among the first manufacturers to join the idea is Jaguar Land Rover, and Toyota, and the foundation also mentions Intel, Fujitsu, Samsung, Texas Instruments and other members of the group. The idea is to deliver greater connectivity to automobiles, and also give them support.

The group “will work in Tizen project as reference distribution optimized for a broad set of automotive applications, from instruments to in-vehicle entertainment and more. The Linux Foundation will serve as host of this effort, providing a neutral environment for collaboration between the Linux kernel community, other communities of open source software and the auto industry, “it said.

“This working group will use to create a project like Debian or Fedora for the automotive industry,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation.

Interestingly Tizen is elected as a reference system. Remember that it was proposed as an operating system for mobile phones by Intel and Samsung, a field that already has plenty of competition. Perhaps the car market is better.

The idea is that the Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup can deliver to manufacturers and technology partners to create products based on Linux to work on cars.

“There are a number of core requirements in the automotive industry, and collaborative development can help meet those needs quickly and efficiently,” said product manager of Toyota, Ken-ichi Murata.

Link: The Linux Foundation Announces Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup (Linux Foundation)

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