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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Gadgets |

Toyota launched a car navigation system controlled by Nintendo DS

If until now the Nintendo DS was used to do almost anything in Japan , with the announcement of Toyota could say it’s a matter of time so you can make coffee and toast.

The DS Kuruma is a tool designed by Toyota that will allow passengers of a vehicle of the brand using a Nintendo DS to control the navigation system. The tool talks to smart navigation system “Toyota Navi” through a DS cartridge that plugs into the vehicle via Bluetooth.

Once connected both computers, the passenger can view maps, destinations (modify or update) and check the vehicle speed and range.

This tool was presented in Tokyo and is expected to start production next June 1. Although the price is a bit high in its early launch (U.S. $ 2,575 navigation unit and $ 90 a cartridge DS), Toyota executives are confident that the popularity of the DS in Japan position your product in the market.

Link: Toyota Announced Nintendo DS-controlled vehicle navigation system (theverge)

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