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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Trinity beats Intel HD 4000 graphics in games

  the new AMD APUs Trinity was released today with much fanfare. In places that have had the opportunity to test portable Ivy Bridge, and performance results have shown in games, where the vast majority of titles chosen, the IGP exceeded Trinity from 30 to 50% yield which Intel does with its HD 4000.

Historically Intel IGP has been regarded as inferior to what AMD can offer and this was no exception, so for those who follow the history of both brands in a while and can declare some geeks, this is not new.

In this chart prepared by Anandtech, you can see how they behave both platforms, of course, normalizing the results and considering that 100% in every game is the result of HD 4000.


And obviously, with the Radeon HD Trinity 7660G stops on the way to Sandy Bridge with its HD 3000.


Now, with respect to CPU performance, we are clear that Ivy Bridge is considerably higher than Trinity and older laptops with Sandy Bridge left behind at A10-4600m, but this makes sense when the work we do depends solely on the CPU, so for most laptops for $ 699 with this performance is more than enough for daily living, relaxation and work.

Link: AMD laptop review roundup Trinity: beats Ivy Bridge on gaming, But lets the herd down CPU (

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