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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Internet |

“Trololo” died in Russia at 77 years old

Mr. trololo – whose real name was Eduard Khil – died Monday in Russia. The singer became immensely popular in the world thanks to a video of 1976 when it replaced the lyrics of the song “trololo” as the subject was censored in the Soviet Union.

Khil had been hospitalized since April, when he suffered a heart attack that left him with brain damage.

Khil was a Soviet crooner between the 1960 and 1970, but lost popularity in the 80′s when the Soviet Union began opening to the West. In 2010, the video of him singing the song “I’m happy because finally I return to Home” was uploaded to and quickly joined millions of visitors. Now exceeds 14 million.

The original song was written by composer Arkady Ostrovsky, but the letter was about cowboys galloping across the prairie while his girlfriend was knitting socks. It was a romantic vision of the United States went down badly with the Soviet authorities in the Cold War, they decided to censor it.

Khil said in an interview that he was ordered to change the letter if I wanted to sing the song, so vocalized and was born the “trololo”. At the time the idea did not attract much attention. The singer knew he had become a modern hit by one of his grandchildren.

Khil seemed amused by the parodies that were made of his song and others by following the letter “trololo”. In his last days, reappeared on television, interviews and concerts due to this new fame.

Link: Soviet crooner ‘Mr Trololo’ dies in Russia (AP)

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