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Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Hardware Articles |

TSMC starts 20nm chip production to early next year

TSMC starts 20nm chip production to early next year

It has been two years since showed his first working prototype chip based on its to , but since it has been known very little about the progress of TSMC with this process, or from when mass were manufactured the first commercial products based on it.

A long wait finally ends at

It was rumored that this process would represent a cost that many chip makers could not afford , but so far there is no indication that this is so.

TSMC confirmed that the wait is almost over. Early next year will kick off mass production of its first chips made with its new lower a 20nm manufacturing process, the chips that promise a smaller area, higher density, higher performance and operating frequencies, all with lower and heat generation.

Future chips to 20nm

Among the chips will be manufactured at 20nm that we know are being prepared by various manufacturers for next year are:

  • The Nvidia graphics architecture based on Maxwell (GeForce 800 Series).
  • The family of AMD GPUs Volcanic Islands (Radeon HD 9000 Series).
  • The Beema AMD based micro-architecture and graphics Jaguar + GCN2.
  • The future successors of AMD SoC based Temash Jaguar +.
  • A wide range of ARM SoCs from companies like Qualcomm, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Apple, Nvidia, AllWinner, VIA and many other companies.

The manufacturing process to FinFET

TSMC is also working alongside his future manufacturing process to 16nm (3D transistors) for ultra-low power chips (SoCs, FPGAs and other chips), and will be ready in late 2014.


Next year will undoubtedly be the most interesting in the world of chips, thanks to a 22nm manufacturing process, the chips will enable thinner devices that enhance, light, stylish and with greater autonomy and features.

The manufacturing process to 14nm FinFET devices enable the construction of much smaller and rich in functionality and features, but probably they will come in early 2015.

From now know when it will be ready the manufacturing process to 16nm FinFET variants in SHP, HP and HPM, which will enable the production of more powerful chips.

Link: TSMC to post record earnings and sales for 2013, says Chang (Digitimes)


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