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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

TSMC will improve its chip to 28nm only in 2013

TSMC will improve its chip to 28nm only in 2013

TSMC, company that manufactures the chip designers like or NVIDIA platforms, has long been with problems to advance its product line to 28nm , which is used by Qualcomm’s flagship product: the series S4 Snapdragon SoC for mobile devices.

Against that, you are looking for new ways to and in fact, said he was going to outsource production , because demand for systems was too high. Against this, Qualcomm reported that the problems now to be manufactured at 28nm will continue throughout this year, gradually improving the months remaining until 2013, when the situation normalizes.

This means that for now there will still be in short supply equipment Snapdragon S4 series of SoC launched recently and processors based on Cortex-A15 core to 28nm, the highest performing today.

Link: Qualcomm Expects 28nm chip supply issues Until year end (The Inquirer)

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