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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Entertainment, Featured |

Tsuneo Sanda, Starwars official illustrator, visited Madrid

This year 2012 has brought Expomanga including luxury illustrator Tsuneo Sanda, author of the famous film posters from the Star Wars sure we all know that. Since starting the show, the famous official illustrator of the successful series of films by George Lucas was signing his work all his fans.

On the occasion of the meeting devoted to the world of manga, Tsuneo Sanda first came to Spain and answered questions from attendees Expomanga along with another famous Japanese illustrator, Satoru Nakamura, chief animation series Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex and also the series of Pokemon is part of their curriculum. Marc Bernabe, manga and anime translator and interpreter of Japanese was in charge of translating the game.

Looking at the pictures of Tsuneo Sanda, we can clearly see his talent. Before you start working with George Lucas, this artist had done a cover for the magazine Omni Magazine in New York and posters for Star Trek . It has also made posters for the Indiana Jones movies and now the Disney factory relies on it for their artwork.

One of their favorite characters from the Star Wars is Darth Vader . He also said he feels lucky because she works from Tokyo and has been fortunate that George Lucas, rather than direct their creativity or indicate how it should do its job, let him propose the posters and are commonly accepted.

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