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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Social Networks |

Tumblr advertising began to add entries in your dashboard

Tumblr advertising began to add entries in your dashboard

Recently, the social network began integrating a new form in its platform: through paid posts or entries that appear in the (desktop) portal, where flow meets news and updates that people make we follow.

Thus, users are beginning to see the advertising content mixing between what is of interest, marked with a sign in the upper right corner. This is the new way that Tumblr is slowly implementing to sell your space and get a monetary return, which had begun to appear a few days in the mobile application and now extends to the desktop website.

Having been implemented advertising days prior to the purchase of Tumblr by , surely has nothing to do the latter company on the move, which anyway will be well received by Marissa Mayer and his people into Yahoo! since that it was conducting that something might happen in the short term.

Link: sponsored Brings Tumblr posts to your Dashboard on the web (Engadget)

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