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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Twitter Accused of instigating critical journalist censorship of coverage of the Olympics

Twitter Accused of instigating critical journalist censorship of coverage of the Olympics

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As we commented a little earlier Esperanza , the account of British journalist of “The Independent”, Guy Adams, was suspended yesterday. The correspondent in Los Angeles had been criticizing the coverage of the Olympics held by NBC, which had a strategic agreement with the social network of 140 characters.

The tweet of misfortune was when he posted the email address of responsible coverage, Gary Zenkel, which according to Twitter, violate its rules of use. Indeed publish private information such as email, violating site rules. The problem is that mail from Zenkel is quite public because the corporate mail and published on the web, so that’s not exactly private.

The issue became more tricky today, after NBC executives who claimed it was Twitter alerted them about the negative tweets Guy Adams, and the same social network that instructed the channel on entering a formal complaint.

“Our social department was actually alerted to the issue of Twitter, and then fill out the form and send it,” said vice president of communications for Sports, Christopher McCloskey.

Adams, understandably, argues that there is something wrong in this situation. “Their esprit de corps is to never interfere with the flow of tweets. Something happened very, very wrong here, “said the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, the journalist told him that if he wants to regain access to your account, you must submit an apology and acknowledge that broke the rules. “I do not understand the rules, I have not done anything wrong and I think this sets a precedent ugly if I promise not to do it again, “said Adams.

Twitter has not said a word about the incident, although NBC’s statements leave him quite badly. Does this mean that Twitter is concerned about what is being said about your business partners? If Twitter makes agreements with other companies, is the People will no longer be able to criticize?

To contextualize, Adams complaints started because NBC did not broadcast live the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in the U.S. west coast, but with a mismatch of 6 hours. As they have exclusivity in the country, no other channel broadcast the live ceremony, which angered many people.

Link: London Olympics 2012: Twitter ‘alerted NBC’s critical to British journalist tweets’ (Telegraph)

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