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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter and Nielsen Announce Partnership to measure social TV audience

Twitter and Nielsen Announce Partnership to measure social TV audience

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Comment on a program through the social network has become an interesting dynamic for many users because even though we are required to interact with two devices at once, and even enriches the content generated debates and views that complement the information.

This is how both movies, novels, news and documentaries, often draw the attention of viewers tweeters and simultaneously, that the style of a sports commentator, passed all instances of the event and think about it.

This is something that for several months I lose sleep to TV producers: How to measure my audience in social networks? Several projects have sought to analyze patterns of topics related to know that a program generates much interest and even, to a script during a series. But many of these tools clash against the limitations of measuring whether a comment which mentions a program is negative or positive, a fact not less when defining consumer preferences.

This need and the massiveness of digital consumption, has taken to Twitter to sign a partnership with media conglomerate and measurements, through which TV Ratings Twitter launched to measure the participation of social network users, linked to television programs.

The decision to sign with Nielsen has to do with the Anglo-Dutch company already has experience in this field after the acquisition of Social Guide, a tool that measures and monitors the impact on Twitter over 36,000 programs broadcast through 234 U.S. channels in both English and Spanish.

The agreement will allow Nielsen to directly access data collected by Twitter, which will make her the most precise measurements of the current market. Considering that companies like IBOPE earn fortunes measuring of audiovisual content on television, can we say that we have a future empire of selling consumer data and preferences of users? Do you define a new consumer profile for this hybrid TV and social networking, as a Twittervidente or Teletwitero?

Link: Nielsen and Twitter social Establish TV rating (Nielsen)

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