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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter could follow Facebook and become closed

Twitter could follow Facebook and become closed

(Cc) Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

A few days ago, was struck by the decision to block Twitter LinkedIn and other sites and applications for use in an “inconsistent” its (Application Programming Interface).

explained in his blog at that time that he intended to surrender the “experience” of the tweets in the same way in applications in the official versions, something LinkedIn could not keep.

The truth is that Twitter has a number of guides on how to use the APIs that are not limited to technical rules, but indicate that developers should not “create client applications that mimic or replicate the customer experience of Twitter.” This would leave out a multitude of clients that replicate the Twitter experience and that currently exist.

Does this mean that Twitter will try close to the customers who play on different platforms? That’s what many fear, and the argument would go behind business decisions.

Twitter recently launched the expandable tweets as a way to show advertising, and need this type of tweets appear the same way everywhere. Do not use if there are customers that allow, for example, censor or skip advertising. As a result, Twitter would try to close, giving rise back to the opening he had achieved with its API.

The pressure from investors is also high, seeking to generate income and Twitter allow them to recoup their investments.

Some say that Twitter could become on Facebook, one of the greatest examples of “walled garden” today (which only has a mobile application, for example). However, no certainty. The company was formed on principles of openness, so we may try to keep them in some way on what comes forward.

Some developers, however, prepare for the worst. “Twitter obviously want to generate money by placing advertisements in the chronology. This is impossible if all mechanisms are not implemented to work within a client. They need complete control over how information is presented, and we have the bandwidth to handle each message with third-party applications to prevent fraud, poor presentation, etc., “said Ollie Wagner, designer Twittelator to The Verge.

Twitter Facebook FOLLOWS down the walled garden path (The Verge)
Twitter mimics Facebook, kills own ecosystem (ZDNet)

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