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Twitter ends its partnership with LinkedIn

Twitter ends its partnership with LinkedIn

Do you have account? Do you also one of LinkedIn? And both synchronized? So that would be interested, since from warns that Twitter has completed a that dates from 2009, with the sync between the two networks and does not go. Or what is the same, if they have linked accounts, updates that are made from Twitter will not appear on LinkedIn.

The announcement comes by Roslansky Ryan, head of products and content on LinkedIn. As discussed in the company’s official blog, the action taken by the network of blue bird is aligned with the intent to “provide the Twitter experience through a consistent set of tools and products,” and certainly does not fit LinkedIn that group.

Of course, in broad terms the changes will not be as radical as one might expect. From now on, no Twitter updates will appear automatically in LinkedIn, but in reverse nothing changes, therefore, the recommendation is Roslansky “LinkedIn conversation starter,” and with the push of the Twitter box to write, messages are issued simultaneously in both services.

In the air is the question about the true intentions of Twitter for all this, if any. For now, those using both networks will have to adapt to change, do any of you will be really concerned with this situation?

Link: Professional Sharing Content on LinkedIn and Twitter (Blog of LinkedIn)

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