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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter fined not submitting to the court information about one of your users

Twitter fined not submitting to the court information about one of your users

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The judge of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Matthew Sciarrino, found that must hand over to federal prosecutors all information required for one of its users, Malcolm Harris, who was arrested last October for alleged disorders during a protest peaceful on the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the movement “Occupy Wall Street” .

Prosecutors believe the accounts @destructuremal and @getsworse correspond to Harris, so he asked the social network to deliver all the information about it as the user name, email address and IP addresses used to post the twits .

Twitter has three days to deliver the information or receive a hefty fine by the judge, who ordered and deliver, or user data, or confidential income statements for the last two quarters to determine much will the fine against company.

Judge Sciarrino said “since I can not get to Twitter or the little blue bird to jail, the only thing I can do is punish them money”, and also supplemented with “if your a twit you post, it’s like the scream window, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

To fend give incriminating information from its users, Twitter argued that Harris twits are protected by freedom of speech “because the government admits that no publicly accessible to them (not publicly accessible because the accounts are closed) , and this establishes that the defendant has a reasonable expectation of maintaining the of their conversations.

But even if they were available publicly Harris twits, Twitter argued that the Supreme Court of the United States found that “all public information that allows law forces make conclusions about the ideas of a citizen or their associations are protected by the Constitution.

Link: Twitter Ordered to Release OWS Protester’s Data or Be fined for Contempt (Wired)

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