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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter hide the answers from other users in the audited accounts

Twitter hide the answers from other users in the audited accounts

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The popular social network has reported on its blog that will soon introduce a new option in the audited accounts. They can choose to see answers from other users in the timeline, ie, the page listing all the “tweets” that write us and the users you follow, or instead see only the “tweets” official unanswered.

Responses to the ‘tweets’ begin with a mention and just see who can keep the accounts of both partners.

The novelty: Now users who visit the profiles of the audited accounts, see all the ‘tweets’ without answers. What if I see them? At the top of the page of the will be two options: “All” and “No Replies”, ie “All” or “No response”. By default, when we enter the page will be selected “no answers”, so we have to do is click “All”.

It is assumed that this new option will help you learn more quickly the information that the user shares with the rest and decide whether we follow or not an easier way to find the actors, an industry professional or other users that interests us.

Hopefully this option will also be extended to other accounts. The audited accounts is a more of Twitter that sometimes seems to work as well as they should. Remember a while this social network checked a couple belonging to two fictional characters .

Twitter hidden by default replies from other users in the audited accounts (Europa Press)
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