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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter implements changes to speed up loading of the site

Twitter implements changes to speed up loading of the site

In 2010, the website was part of a change in its user interface which relegated him much of the work of rendering and post-processing items to the user’s Web browser, resulting in that some people had problems to display the website if your computer did not support certain technologies.

So, today the people of the social network acknowledges that this move was a mistake, so they will return to support the work of rendering the company’s servers and not on customers’ computers. Thanks to this will be possible to reduce times by a fifth and Twitter also ensures that your design will look good in all browsers, regardless of the product on which to run.

Another consequence of the decision will be the simplification of many other elements during the loading site, as is the elimination of the characters #! in the address bar of your browser, which shortens the redirection and also helps users to more quickly see the social network from their computers.

In short: Twitter will be faster and they say, are already implementing the changes gradually, so it’s a matter of before we see the results.

Link: gets a performance upgrade (Neowin)

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