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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter is working on a tool to retrieve and download old tweets

Twitter is working on a tool to retrieve and download old tweets

If one of your goals in life is to write a book, you may soon be able to do this based on the so far is written: is working on a new tool that will allow us to our tweets and even download them.

This was stated by the Executive Director of the social network of 140 characters, Dick Costolo, told The New York Times, where despite not set a date for this new feature, it does forward that will allow users to export “all tweets”.

Recall that there are third party applications that offer the opportunity to regain some of the first tweets that were exchanged in the network, as OldTweets, which We talked about here recently. However, recovering your own tweets to see what nonsense you said 140 characters in a couple of years, still can not …

That’s right: The new tool lets you recover only your own tweets, no timelines go sniffing around outside to see what others said at the beginning of his wanderings twittera, for as Costolo said: “They are two different search problems” .

I think this feature may be interesting to take a look at what we wrote on the social network for years. May even be useful in some cases, but the truth, right now I can not think how convenient it may be, unless you really think about writing a book about your “memories of my adventures in 140 characters”, because of Proposals rest …?

Link: Twitter Is Working on a Way to Retrieve Your Old Tweets (The New York Times)

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