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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter joins the Do Not Track option to avoid being crawled the social network

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While Facebook adds banknotes collecting personal information from 900 million users, Twitter decided to take a different path, announcing today that it will join the Mozilla-led initiative to provide an option for users to be tracked while using the microblogging network.

This tracking is the use of cookies to gather information that will later be used for advertising. Twitter will add to the Do Not Track option available in Firefox, so if you are using the red panda browser and add to the microblogging network to your list of non-tracking, Twitter comply and stop tracking you.

Do not Track The system proposed by Mozilla only works if the sites are accepted, and acceptance of Twitter at least a good sign. Google, Microsoft and others are committed also to adopt this system, but so far there have been many advances .

Facebook does not provide any alternatives for users to choose not to be part of the collection of social network information, which can even track down people who closed their assignment .

Twitter’s announcement is in addition to other measures that have won applause lately, as the demand to protect a user who protested Occupy Wall Street, or the agreement that the patents are creators to decide how to use these papers.

Link: Do Not Track Twitter implements privacy option (NYTimes)

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