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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter launches a directory of profiles of all users

Twitter launches a directory of profiles of all users

No more ads, began operating in a ” profile directory “, which is like the phone book, but social network. The system is intuitive and easy to use – if you want to find someone, it is still more practical to use a search engine. However, the purpose of this list would improve social network, ie appear more in search results on or Bing. So that is intended for robots, not people.

For example, if you wanted to find someone named “Amelia”, you have to click on the letter A, and then click on “Amanda – amrithrajmk” because Ame … is between those two words.

Anyway, try to show up on search engines is an interesting measure from Twitter, which has maintained an uneasy relationship with Google, for example. Although both companies were partners for the “real time search” of Google, that agreement was completed in July last year , leading to the disappearance of the service. Google promised to resurrect this system, something that did not happen, then the firm was left without access to a special API that had given Twitter tweets.

At the time, Twitter was not very friendly to the search engines, so that they could not track well profile information and tweets, which exploded shortly after scandal when Google launched “Search Plus Your World” , which added to the results information search postings or comments from our friends at Google Plus. Facebook and Twitter claimed , accusing Google of unfairly favoring its own content over that of other companies. The Mountain View company said at the time that was Twitter itself that blocked his access to its contents.

That fight was finally diluted and now Twitter is trying to be more searchable, so perhaps some of these tools might be revived. All this would be also part of the new focus of the company to become a profitable business, which has included many changes that point to integrate new forms of advertising on the social network.

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