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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter makes changes to promote the use of the user’s profile page

Twitter makes changes to promote the use of the user's profile page

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, announced major changes to the social platform Twitter, which are focused on increasing the use of profile pages and a better user experience on mobile devices.

The microblogging network that strives for a less invasive to monetize its 140 million users sending 350 million tweets almost daily, decided to give prominence to an area that was neglected and largely unchanged almost since its inception.

Home page, home page or profile page, name it as you like each was redesigned to present a remarkably similar appearance to the new Facebook Timeline.

According to Costolo, the update aims to provide a better user experience “local” users, which could be translated as that users want to spend more time in his native platform in the third.

Among the ads also appeared redesigning the application for and Android, which now includes support for new profiles letterhead. But what is striking and is in line with the policy of limiting the use of third of its resources, is that these applications have no ability to upload images with third party services.

To update the header of your Twitter profile, just enter the application via the web, go to “Configuration” and the “design”. From there you can add an image to the header and control their size and centered.

Link: Twitter Announces New Design With Focus On Profile Pages (TechCrunch)

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