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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter plans to reduce the number of followers relevance

Twitter plans to reduce the number of followers relevance

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The co-founder and board member of Twitter, Ev Williams, intimated that counter soon would become the second most important to users.

“The thing that I think will be more interesting than the followers (followers in English) will be the retweets, because the measurement of followers your distribution does not capture well,” said Williams, stating that “The dream goes metric to be how many people read your tweet “.

While Williams joked that belong to the school board could not go into much detail, suggested that after the restrictions on the Twitter API , which intends to occupy the main users of the social network over applications third, it will not be a problem to collect more and better information.

Williams exemplified that with complete control over third-party applications, could “measure whether or not a tweet was required in a time line,” ie, that if this was actually read.

It also reaffirmed that it is a mistake to assume as spam 40% of social network users write tweets ever, but acknowledged the seriousness of the problem of false followers.

Link: Twitter cofounder Suggests A Replacement For The Follower Count (BuzzFeed)

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