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Posted by on Nov 22, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter protect copyright punishing users who steal tweets

Twitter protect copyright punishing users who steal tweets

(Cc) flickr coletivo Mambembe

The news is that because of the growth of stealing their original authors tweets, social network will begin penalizing users who copy or plagiarize tweets from other users with a message like “trap” warning that commits a violation of copyright.

The text message will say “This tweet from @ user has been retained for violating copyright.” This regulation intensifies policies that existed in the social network related content theft, but in this case, the updated text would leave exposed to plagiarist.

Doubt that generates this is are there copyright as we know in other area, within deTwitter? Can we protect or claim as our own history of tweets? If so, such as raises Twitter, should also be charged for reproduction of tweets or would be protected by Creative Commons?, Because copyright protects not only theft or but also the unauthorized reproduction.

As stated the new rules, any user could not only claim authorship of a tweet, something the social network aims to defend this new mechanism through the warning message, but also could claim copyright when half quote any information obtained from any Twitter user.

Link: Who stole my tweet? (BBC)

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