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Posted by on Jul 7, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter simplifies and improves the search system on their website

Twitter simplifies and improves the search system on their website

From the blog just announced some new enhancements to its search system when accessing the social network from the Twitter website. Now, those to level up access to content relevant to users easier and more accurate.

The first thing you add is the auto-complete in search, and it will work similar to Google and other search engines like that. Nothing else start typing a term into the text box will also display a list of the most relevant results according to the typed, in the same way.

Then, once the results shown on the screen, there are some changes. Added a new filter that lets you review the results only people who you follow, because “only see search of supporters is a great way to join the conversation,” according to Li Frost Twitter. Likewise, have suggestions for topics search, type a name and the results will show both the name of the Twitter account as well as the person behind the account.

All these changes implemented by the network of microblogging go after simplifying your search system. At the time of writing, though, not all functions were active on the website, but since Twitter does not specify release dates, would be expected to gradually become available for all and everyone.

Link: Simpler Search (official Twitter Blog)

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