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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Social Networks |

Twitter starts sharing test data of users

Twitter starts sharing test data of users

(Cc) stevegarfield / Flickr

The platform Twitter Analytics , originally only worked for people who notices published in the social network, began to open for ordinary users. The performance review system allows you have had your tweets, what kind of people you follow and other interesting as graphs.

The system is operating in the United States, although some users outside the U.S. have also been viewed. Here at SlashGear we agreed temporarily to the system, but then the option disappeared. Upon entering, a message regarding your “account does not qualify”, but that refers only to advertising. In the top menu there is a button that says “Analytics” where you can see the data.

Chances are that you adjust the tool forward, becoming something quite useful if you want to monitor the success of your tweets and how popular you are.

Link: Show me the clicks: tweet Twitter offers analytics feature to all (The Verge)

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