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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter suspended a journalist critical of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics London 2012

Twitter suspended a journalist critical of NBC's coverage of the Olympics London 2012

The London are still protagonists of the controversy associated with the technology and social networks: If we have already seen as 3G tethering prohibits places of competitions, and also saw the incident that the mobile network overload caused by GPS for cyclists and broadcast television, now is the turn of a possible case of “twit-censorship” …

The story is this: The U.S. decided to broadcast delayed the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London, to coincide with the hours of night prime time U.S., sparking a wave of complaints in the social network of 140 characters.

One of these tweeters NBC was of Guy in Los Angeles correspondent of the British newspaper ‘The Independent’, which he suspended the account on the microblogging social network.

The reason? Since the social network claim that the had violated “the rules of Twitter” by publishing private information of other users, as the British, while criticizing the delay in the transmission of the opening of the Olympics London by NBC posted on his account:

“The man responsible for the fact that NBC has the Olympics have not started yet is Gary Zenkel. Tell us what you think! Email: Gary.zenkel @ “.

Really the corporate account of the president of the NBC would be “private”, or could easily be achieved on the Internet? For hard to believe that being their own work email, is “very difficult” to access it, right?

And is that not a fact so secret that revealed Adams: Why close the account? Come on, it was also revealed that the key to e-mail account … It is curious that this happens to a journalist critical of NBC, which coincidentally has a strategic agreement with Twitter for the Olympics … have something to do?

Stat: Adams not only published this tweet, and many other reviews, but collected all the complaints about the transmission in a paper published in the English newspaper, which criticized the NBC (channel I pay $ million to have the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the U.S.), will not pass live performances by American athletes, but deferred, just looking for match times in which brands pay more to be announced.

The big question here is: Is the NBC press for journalists censor influential tweeters that are critical to its coverage of the Olympics?

Meanwhile, #NBCfail has been among the most prominent of the tuitusfera long time, serving as a catharsis for the millions of viewers who have had to endure that NBC delayed transmissions to fit your advertisers … What I think is a real fail.

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- As America Succeeds at the Games, back home all the talk is About # NBCfail (The Independent)
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