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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter suspended the account @ YourAnonNews

Twitter suspended the account @ YourAnonNews

With more than 800,000 followers, YourAnonNews was the most popular account of hacktivists, used to inform and promote the actions taken by the group. “Was” because the suspended this morning.

The company has not given any information about why this decision was made now, although it is believed that because the account had posted private and confidential information of others, which is against the terms of service Twitter.

According to the account ” Anon_Central “Twitter said that” you can not publish or post private and confidential information of others. “

Other accounts of Anonymous unveiled closing (YAN), indicating you have an account “backup” call ” YANBackUp “. This account reports that he sent an email to support service Twitter seeking clarification on the closure of the account.

The offending tweet specific rules has not been detailed. During the Olympics, the account of a journalist critical of NBC coverage in the United States was suspended , then put the subject on Twitter email address of the person responsible for the transmission of sporting event for people to send him directly their reviews.

In that case, the account of Guy Adams was revived shortly thereafter , when he could prove that the email was not really private information that was published on the official website of the television station.

YourAnonNews would like a chance to come back to life if not tweeted anything too serious, but it remains to be seen.

Link: Twitter suspends @YourAnonNews, The Most popular almos Anonymous account with 800k followers (TNW)

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