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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter: The Best of the week direct to your email

If you often do not have the time to review your Twitter all the time and you miss an occasional tweet, as we tell you that now you can receive in your inbox weekly best of the week, this thanks to a new feature that has been added to your microblogging network setup menu.

Thus, with only access the Setup menu on the Notifications tab, you see that in the Updates section was added to the “A weekly digest of stories and Tweets on my network” with a box in which you make if you’re interested received via e-mail the most relevant stories that happen on your timeline.

Thus, in the meantime tweet will also have the opportunity to reply, retweet and view the conversation directly from your email. Moreover, this new option should begin to apply to each account in the course of the day.

No doubt a very initiative from this network of microblogging for when you have time to constantly check your timeline, but could be better and there is the option to choose the time period of these summaries, as to how quickly expire news, a week becomes too long.

Link: The best of Twitter in your inbox (Twitter Blog)

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