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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Social Networks |

Twitter will test a new system for display advertising

Twitter will test a new system for display advertising

(C) Scott Beale on Flickr

In say they are experimenting with a new method to show to their users, and so the ads are better related to the interests of the people. To do this, use a system that prevents users give information to outside companies.

The method is not novel, as other companies also occupy it. Now, who wants to publish an announcement to its users, Twitter will give some information such as email lists or browser cookies, then in Twitter compared this information with your own database, to determine who might be interested in a particular advertisement to be deployed as tweet.

In Twitter also clarify that any user can avoid publicity just off the appropriate box on the options menu so your data will be free of any comparative. Nor will receive information from users who have activated the Do Not Track in their browsers.

The new Twitter advertising is not the only change in the social network, as it also is testing a method to notify when the are inserted into a web page . Firstly, this system will be deployed only advertising for users in the United States, in order to “show better ads”. Eventually could also reach the rest of the world, but for now that we know nothing.

Link: Experimenting with new ways to tailor ads (Twitter)

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