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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Social Networks | 1 comment

Twitter works with Girls Who Code to increase women programmers

Twitter works with Girls Who Code to increase women programmers

Following the recent rise of Sandberg directory Facebook , Twitter, today announced its collaboration in the project Girls Who Code, which encourages girls ages 13 to 18 years to study computer engineering.

The aims to high school students choose certain courses related to computer engineering degree, where participants will be advised by a teacher staff will oversee and guide the children learn during the 8 weeks of the program to be held in New York.

The official blog of the network is explained that a program is “intensive to teach the basics of computer science and and design sessions, research and entrepreneurship.” In this way, you provide the information and tools for girls to enter the world of programming in order to motivate their interest in this interesting field.

Also in the blog post lets stipulated that work with “investment of time, energy and money” to provide the participants’ skills and resources necessary to pursue a career in engineering and technology. “ One area where the male presence is above that of women, which is more than clear to 3.6% of the female presence within the world’s most powerful companies.

Twitter explains his decision to participate in such programs, is a bit in response to the wish that the number of women who study careers related to engineering and computer science to increase and thus create a better environment through greater parity of sex in the companies in the industry.

The blue bird leaves platform extended the invitation and hope that tomorrow can hire some of the girls participating in the Girl Who Code, to provide knowledge and creativity with its network of microblogging. Moreover, although it is a U.S. program, it is still commendable support that Twitter has been extended to women.

Link: Working with Girls Who Code (Twitter Blog)

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1 Comment

  1. This is good news. It was always sad to see that the ratio of female vs male in the web development/software development profession was always so far apart. It would be very nice to see this ratio get closer together.