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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

U.S. cyber attacks will make a weapon of war routinely

U.S. cyber attacks will make a weapon of war routinely

The Chinese attack in the field of military information to the United States. Then the U.S. attacks Iran through a super-malware . Meanwhile, private companies will put backdoors into the chips used by Chinese and American, while the Koreas throw stones (? bits?) between them and nobody cares.

Certainly, different nations are taking seriously the information war, and was not; U.S. wants to be at the forefront of that. So, now we know that agency, responsible for research into new technologies for military use, is working on the development of the “X Plan”, which aims to make these kinds of virtual weapons routinely used items in the arsenal of combat, being presented on September 27 in-house employees and government contractors.

According to DARPA, the idea behind this is to “dominate the virtual battle space,” not only through defensive technologies to protect computer systems themselves, but also through offensive weapons that will target specific missions outside the territory U.S..

In a way, this initiative will not only moved transparent as those made with Flame malware to sabotage a couple of months ago, but also to develop standards and protocols that serve to respond with a quick counterattack potential foreign attacks. In addition, Plan X will investigate ways to reduce the collateral damage resulting from malicious software used in other countries, and it has been known, can also infect others systems that were not targets, such as a perfectly contagious disease that can become a global pandemic.

Will it serve for this super-computer to NVIDIA DARPA commissioned a couple of years ago? Surely this kind of initiatives need of greater computing power as possible, and with the taking their land to companies important area related to CPUs and GPUs, with enough money in hand-to-own, be easy leaders in this area.

Link: Cyberwar Darpa Looks to Make Routine With Secret ‘Plan X’ (Wired)

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