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Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Software |

U.S. Government confirms that it was behind the cyber attacks on Iran

U.S. Government confirms that it was behind the cyber attacks on Iran

(C) White House

After years of speculation, a report by the New York Times confirms that he was the Barack Obama ordered an acceleration in cyber attacks against Iran’s nuclear program.

According to the newspaper, Obama decided to accelerate the program launched by his predecessor, George W. Bush, called by the code name “Olympics”, whose goal was to use computer viruses to attack the uranium enrichment program in Iran.

Thus, is who is behind the , which sabotaged the operation of the Iranian nuclear centrifuges, and the spying program recently discovered by Kaspersky, .

The revelation of the role of Obama in the “cyberwar” comes amid political campaigns in America, perhaps to show the president in his role in the “war on terror” and to neutralize the criticism of the Republican party about who has been weak against Iran’s nuclear program.

As reported by the New York Times, Obama decided to speed up attacks against even though he had discovered the virus Stuxnet, which according to advisers, undertook the operation.

The creation of the viruses were part of a joint program with Israel.

Link: Obama ordered wave of cyberattacks Against Iran (NYTimes)

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