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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

U.S. government invested USD $12.6 billion in AMD

U.S. government invested USD $ 12.6 billion in AMD

Current today are handled in the order of petaflops, exceeding 1,000,000,000,000,000 floating point operations per second. The next step is called computing, promising at least a thousand times better performance than the machines running today.

To reach this level, the Department of Energy United States gave the sum of $12.6 million, so that the company conduct research about supercomputing next generation money will be divided into two parts: USD $9.6 million for research on mainframes and $3 million to generation about memories.

This reversal of the Government will not only super-computers of limited use, but the AMD technologies and knowledge acquired through this cash injection will be applied to their own models, starting with the number of CPUs server .

Link: $ 12.6 million AMD Given (Fudzilla)

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