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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Internet |

U.S. government refuses to back in service Megaupload

U.S. government refuses to back in service Megaupload

(CC) Daniel.Costa

A couple of weeks ago, Megaupload’s lawyers submitted a request to the District Court to dismiss the charges against him and allow the service to be sanitized. “The company should take the opportunity during this period to rehabilitate itself,” said one of the petitions.

However, the opposes the motion, and through the Department of sent a statement to the District Court claiming that “s has not suffered much damage” because anyway Megaupload said he was not going to getting back operating and contradict the argument that rehabilitation.

However, the intention of the people of Megaupload is that the release of funds the company could use them to pay an adequate legal defense.

In his defense, Dotcom Kim said via Twitter that “just saw the refusal to our request by the Department of Justice. It’s full of frustration. His case is falling apart. Well “. He added that “the court are deceiving. Rehabilitation is able to return to Megaupload users personal files, and Mega is a separate business, again.”

Link: Megaupload Can not Come Back Online, U.S. Tells Court (TorrentFreak)

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