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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Social Networks |

U.S. Instagram approves purchase by Facebook

U.S.  Instagram approves purchase by Facebook

Good news reaching us from the United States where the has blessed the marriage between and Facebook: Zuckerberg’s social network can now officially complete the sale of the photo application that has caused a stir in half the world.

The ftc has found that the transaction does not involve practices that may harm competition, which always verified in such negotiations, so that the can proceed as proposed last April, ie payment of $ 1,000 million:

“The Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation public of the proposed acquisition by Instagram, without taking any action. Consequently, the agreement may proceed as proposed, “they say on their website.

Thus, in the FTC’s Web can read its approval to the transaction, after research done to determine if this would affect the main competitors of Facebook.

It is presumed that the FTC consulted some data with the guys from Twitter and Google to see its position on this purchase … not only because they are the main competitors of Facebook, but because remember that from the microblogging network have also tried to buy Instagram, so it is logical that the investigation include that point.

Now the question is: Will the purchase of Instagram enhance the mobile experience of Facebook? We know that mobile applications of social network Zuckerberg leave much to be desired in terms of user experience is concerned, so perhaps an integration could help them improve in this area, at least from the point of view of the photographs, do not you think?

Link: FTC Closes Its Investigation Into Facebook’s Proposed Acquisition of Instagram Photo Sharing Program (FTC)

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