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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

U.S. ISPs will begin to implement a system of “copyright alerts”

(Cc) Thomas Hawk

The “Center for Information” (CCI) in the United States announced that it will begin implementing its platform to alert users if these violate the copyright, in the style of the Hadopi Law in France Sinde Law in Spain. The “Copyright Alert System” (CAS, in its Spanish acronym) will start in the coming weeks.

The system had been previously announced , and will send notifications to customers of the if they are caught downloading copyrighted material. The first email will only be informative, but if the behavior is repeated punishments will vary according to the ISP. These penalties range from sending “material” to the offender, or reduce the speed of navigation, but it will not reach the termination of service under CAS. ISPs, however, could decide for themselves if you cancel your subscription to one of its customers.

People can request an independent review of your network, if you have doubts about the offense of being accused, but that appeal costs $35.

Unlike what happened in other countries, this issue has not been implemented by law, but the ICC created an agreement with AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, the largest ISP, to implement the system.

Illegal downloads are detected with a system that combines automated processes and human officials, service provided by the company MarkMonitor. According to CCI, MarkMonitor and ISPs can not see customers’ personal information, and your system monitoring alerts are designed to “inform” customers instead of punishing them, and educate them about the legal forms to get content they seek.

Link: “Six Strikes” System Goes Live This fall, appeals to cost $35 (ArsTechnica)

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