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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Hardware |

U.S. military pilots update instead of their helicopters

U.S. military pilots update instead of their helicopters


The of the north country signed a contract with Raytheon to build a portable computer for to be called the ‘Air Soldier’. The device aims to increase the ways in which information is shared between pilots and ground troops, and will consist of wristbands with a communication device to be synchronized with a tablet mounted in the cab to help pilot the ship.

The idea also is to give the pilots back to base when forced to abandon his helicopter, and formerly left to drift and lack of access to maps of the cabin. Also, allow all the relevant information from the battlefield remains with the soldier, making it difficult for enemies to access that information if they capture the helicopter.

The Air Soldier will also have a system of , a graphical interface mounted on the driver’s helmet that visually displays icons, one red for enemy soldiers by example, and relevant information to help you land the helicopter in a situation climatically adverse.

Currently the Army has a computer system for its soldiers called ‘Air Warrior’, but is now completely obsolete even though it was designed in 2004: The computer’s costume is less powerful than an iPhone and the entire team, with the body armor and a cooling system, bordering the 45 kilos.

Link: Instead of Upgrading Helicopters, Army Wants to Upgrade Pilots (Wired)

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