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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Internet |

U.S. Parliamentarians question the seizure of domains after the event Rojadirecta

U.S. Parliamentarians  question the seizure of domains after the event Rojadirecta

A group of lawmakers sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security, questioning the confiscation system DOMAIN holding agency. You know, when they come to a site like MegaUpload and encounter an warning.

The letter, addressed to the chief prosecutors, Eric Holder, and the Minister of National Security, Janet Napolitano, put in doubt the procedures and jurisdiction of the agency when demolished sites that may be violating copyright laws.

The letter comes shortly after the portal Rojadirecta recover their domain names after the government of that country could not prove that he committed a crime site. filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government in June 2011, requesting the return of the domains. org and. com.

The message does not mention the parliamentarians here, but refers to a site called Dajaz1 hip hop, which was confiscated after being accused of linking copyrighted songs. A year later, the domain was restored, but gave no information on why they carried out this action by the Department of Homeland Security.

Dajaz1 attorneys made several efforts to try to discuss these reasons in the Court, however, the government never provided data, according to which reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) .

Furthermore, it was discovered after the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lobbied to extend the time that sites were seized, although this information was kept secret for a year. The parliamentarians said they feel that “censorship of what appears to be a legitimate site for a long time was unnecessary, as the site owner could not get a hearing in the Court.”

The case is straight Dajaz1 since the links were allegedly violated expressly granted by the site artists and labels.

The MPs said they were “deeply concerned that the Immigration and Control Aduanes and its sister agencies may be failing to properly investigate and prosecute cases involving law.” The letter includes seven questions, to be answered by the departments involved, referring to the process of identifying the agency, how to ensure that there is due process, and many expect to make a future confiscations.

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