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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Featured, Software |

U.S. Senate review the restrictions of Windows browsers RT

The idea that Microsoft browsers created by other companies do not reach Windows RT (ARM version) caused controversy last week, with statements of Mozilla and Google’s expressing his rejection. After this, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that the U.S. will consider this matter to determine whether results would have monopoly or anticompetitive.

Windows RT shares the same interface as Windows 8, but only a few applications will run on this system compatible with ARM. Most applications will be like Metro. This means that Mozilla and Google will design browsers for Windows meters RT, but these applications can not be used on the desktop.

According to competing companies, this will leave Internet Explorer in Windows 10 without competitive RT. Microsoft has virtually no market share of the tablets, and is betting that Windows RT can give competition to Android and Apple iPhone.

Link: Senate panel eyes restrictions Windows browser RT (CNET)

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